What Is Copy Trading and Should You Do It?

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Like MT4, one can automatically replicate other trades through MT5. Indeed, both providers and copiers can register on different brokers because MT5 links traders across brokers. The performance and management fees are fixed in MetaTrader 5 marketplace.

  • There are several platforms in the online space that allow you to engage with copy trading – which we will briefly cover shortly.
  • The efficiency of copy trading is invariably hooked to the skill level of the trader one is following.
  • However, they do offer a future leaderboard and it may have this feature enabled soon.
  • You can close this investment and stop copying their traders at any time.
  • However, it must be said that eToro dominates this space by some distance.
  • Do you want some oil exposure as Saudi Arabia becomes prone to more acts of sabotage?
  • Finestel is one of those crypto copy trading software that you always wanted it to be existed.

Given the vast pool of signal providers available, it would be advisable to carefully select a few reputable ones that align with your portfolio requirements. With so many trading signals to choose from, you can test different options and see which one suits your crypto, stocks, forex or commodities trading needs. BingX has been one of the first and most recognised exchanges to provide this specific service to its platform users so that anyone could benefit from the skills of lead traders.

Why is Copy Trading Beneficial?

In most platforms, once youve established a connection, you still have the ability close trades, open new ones and otherwise moderate the overall outcome. However, by copying another trader, you can easily make money based on their skills. If you like how the trader is handling your investment, you can seamlessly increase the funds how to cancel welk resort timeshare. This way you will invest more when a trade is copied to your account which increase your profits if the trade is successful.

What Is a Copy Trading Platform and How It Work

The only thing that the follower trader, who can also be viewed as an investor in this case, needs, is the money that they put in. While copy trading allows a trader to view the actions of lead traders, they don’t get to see the work behind the scenes that led them to make those moves. Cryptocurrency copy trading is an automated strategy that lets one copy an experienced trader’s trading methods. This enables one to buy and sell crypto assets to earn profits without putting in a lot of time for researching or gaining proficiency in crypto trading. The copy trading strategy is only useful for beginner traders – that is a widespread myth. Experienced traders from time to time dive into such a model serving as investors.


ZuluTrade offers comprehensive customer support through multiple channels, including phone and email. The level of assistance and responsiveness provided by their support team is quite impressive. Furthermore, this best copy trading platform recognizes the diverse needs of its global user base and goes the extra mile by offering support in languages other than English. This inclusivity ensures that international users, whose first language may not be English, can comfortably seek assistance in their preferred language. You can further click on any profile to see their detailed stats which include performance over time, their existing portfolio. Once you have found the trader you wish to copy, simply click on copy and you would be asked to add the funds.

Trade and invest in more than 7,100 instruments ranging from stocks to leveraged derivatives on commodities, currency pairs, indices, bonds, and many others. Learn everything you need to know about swing trading and how it works in this guide. You’re then https://www.xcritical.com/blog/what-is-a-copy-trading-platform-and-how-it-work/ free to go off and do other things while the system will keep running in the background. However, you should always keep an eye on your account, not only to track the performance but also to ensure that you always have enough margin in your account.

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Once you have identified a top-performing trader, whose strategies you want to copy. Simply click on “Copy trading” and allocate a fund that you wish to delegate for Copy trading. Here you will see all the pro-traders, and you can pick a trader to copy based on their performance and statistics. When it comes to withdrawals or deposits, the account will be charged fees that will be given directly to miners.

What Is a Copy Trading Platform and How It Work

No matter if you choose to copy trade, trade yourself, or join a social trading community, we wish you the best of luck in your journey. Many people say that copy trading is a great way for beginners to get acquainted with the market. However, it requires skill to figure out which traders to copy, and which ones to ignore. Essentially, https://www.xcritical.com/ you already need to be a good trader yourself, before you would ever be able to really know which traders are solid, and which ones are not. We see a growing popularity in copy trading, which would not be happening if people were losing money. Nevertheless, copy trading — without a proper approach — can cost you dearly.

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